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Hey Loves, I’m Gabrielle

Here's my story so far...

I can’t quite recall when it happened.
Maybe when I got to secondary school and replaced the dance classes for parties.. 
Perhaps it was life’s expectations and conditionings.. 
Or maybe the 7 years worth of back-to-back relationships lead me away from myself & dreams.
All I know is that somewhere during my late teens / early twenties I felt a very confused, lost & anxious version of myself come up to the surface.
I followed what was ‘normal’ or expected as opposed to understanding what I actually wanted – what my heart wanted.
This wasn’t clear at the time – because don’t get me wrong, I had an amazing life. I had a supportive, loving family, incredible friends, the opportunity to go to uni, a roof over my head, food..

Everything on the surface was more than perfect.

So why did this unsettling, anxious narrative reside inside my mind?

Why did this this deep discomfort and unease lay inside my being?
I suppose we all face this on some level, and so yeah, maybe that’s just a part of life.
It was like this big invisible weight pushing deep down inside of me.
I wasn’t depressed or anything. I was okay. I mean, I just got on with life the way I was supposed & expected to.
When I decided to go travelling in 2015, I don’t particularly feel like it was in search of something. The decision came from the gap year cliche of wanting to see more of the world before jumping head first into my marketing career.
After a couple of months away, I realised this trip was not only opening up a whole new world of experiences, cultures and people, it was also unravelling a whole new layer of overwhelm.

I made some of the most amazing friends and memories during this time, but it was all just a bit clouded with this not so fun internal dialogue.

I was questioning so much.. myself.. my past.. destructively comparing myself to all the incredible people I was meeting.

Maybe this kind of self-reflection is a natural & necessary part of becoming an adult..

But just as these insecurities were at their peak, I found myself land in one of the most magical places I could have ever imagined.

A community, filled with love, nature and some of the most beautiful, enchanting human beings I’ve ever crossed paths with.

This is when everything began to change.

I was surrounded by & felt a brand new yet familiar feeling of joy and bliss. 

I was experiencing a brand new flavour of aliveness & love.

Not just the romantic or friendship kind..

A kind that showed me how to fall deeply and madly in love with life & my existence on this huge spinning miracle.

Life shifted from an unhealthy focus on what was going on outside, to exploring the depths of the interconnected magic that was happening on the inside.

From a place I never had before.

From a place of pure, un-judged love & acceptance.

I realised there’s more to me & life than this internal narrative.

I began to experience a new version of myself.

From then on, I was wide open.


The curiosity of a toddler was reborn, and I was absorbing everything and everyone in a captivating new light.

This was 5 years ago, and it was the beginning of a beautiful rollercoaster that still continues to unfold.

Those insecurities and dialogues are still around, but our relationship has changed.

As a result of all this, I’ve discovered how to move towards a path that’s more aligned with my heart and one that makes my soul smile.

I discovered how to feel more alive.

So that brings me here.

Basically just learning how to feel more alive, content and connected each and every day.

Figuring out how to balance the bustling outer world that carried me into my 20’s, with the new-found inner sanctuary that’s guided by the heart of existence.

So what’s my intention?

I know what it feels like to be sat there overthinking. Creating stories in my head. Caring too much about my appearance or what others think. Feeling unworthy to speak my truth – and many times unsure what this even was.

But I’ve also tasted doses of freedom from all this, which have shifted my outlook and well-being.

And I know I’m not the only one who wants and needs to taste this.

And so this is my intention.

To share all the little yet profound gems that help balance my life between mind & magic.

These sharings are through the form of blog posts & offerings that have made my heart beat with a new kind of flutter, and I hope they can do something for you too.

I’m not a world-class writer, I’m just a standard gal from Nottingham who wants to continue exploring the depths of love, connection and joy – and to help open up this magical adventure to any other curious souls who land on these pages.

I believe that all it really takes is an open mind and an open heart – these are two main ingredients I feel are key towards revealing the joy & magic that life has to offer.

I truly hope you feel a connection to something here. And although not everything on these pages will resonate, I just invite you to read these words with an open heart – and as you do so, know that every word written on here has come directly from mine.

Thank you so so much for being here Loves.

Welcome to Life in a Balance.