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Hello My Loves…


My name is Gabrielle 💚 here’s a little bit about myself and my journey..
I enrolled in a Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training back in 2021 with the incredibly beautiful souls at Anuttara Ashram. There was very little intention for me to become a teacher, but instead to deepen my own practice of yoga āsana.
This completely changed soon after beginning the training…
I was opened up to something so magical that my life and western yoga hadn’t yet revealed to me. It was this ‘something’ that created the desire to actually teach and share this profound wisdom with others rather than only explore within myself.
What was this something?
The Heart.
Not just the heart that is referred to rather flippantly these days.. or the heart that pumps blood around the body..
No. This Heart was the Heart of existence. The pulse of life itself. The Heart that sits at the centre of the chest. The mystical doorway into infinite love.
It was the profound yet subtle vibration of this Heart that opened up a whole new world and understanding to me – and is something I often express through tears of gratitude more so than words.
But this space is my container to give different kinds of expressions a go. Sharing with you practices and just pieces of my life that help connect me to the deep awareness resting inside the Heart, whilst living harmoniously with the sacredness of the body & mind.
And so welcome my loves.. I hope there’s something for you that makes your Heart flutter with love, magic and aliveness.

If you want to connect or know more, feel absolutely free to get in touch. 

Thank you for being here my love. Enjoy. And welcome to Life In A Balance ✨ x