Smile seeker



Hey Loves, I’m Gabrielle

Here's my story so far...

I know these ‘About’ pages usually share some special story or details about the person sat behind the words… but to be perfectly honest with you, my story is no more or less extraordinary than anyone else’s.
I’m literally here, writing & creating, with one mission and intention only… 
… To help you open up & connect to something that every single one of us has inside – your heart. 
Your intuition.
Your bliss. 
Your magic.
The pulse of life.
As a being born & bred in Nottingham with an unbelievably blessed upbringing and life, there was a confusion sat within my mind behind seemingly unnecessary layers of anxiety. 
Layers that perhaps others could easily shake away or live alongside as I was trying to do.. but when leaving my hometown roots, shit got real. 
Safety & security began shaking beneath my feet, and my being became fragile. 
Until I stumbled upon a place that changed my life forever. 
A place that opened up ways of living and perspectives that showed me a brand new way & world. 
An inner freedom. 
A life lived through compassion. 
A heart full of love. 
And a being existing in bliss.
It was from here that my true adventure of life began.
I embarked on a continuously unfolding journey that still today helps me work on & with my humanness. The good, the bad & the ugly. 
Call it spiritual.. call it hippy.. call it yoga, new age or mindfulness…
I don’t really know or care too much, because all I do know is that this new spark inside my heart helps me feel happy, loved & alive. 
And it’s this spark that I want to share with you. 
Through blog posts & offerings – from my heart to yours. 
So without further ado… 

Welcome to Life in A Balance. 

Thank you for being here loves. Enjoy.