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a woman with eye pillow laying on back practising yoga nidra - what is yoga nidra and its benefits
Who Am I?

What is Yoga Nidra and its Benefits

The nourishing practise of Yoga Nidra has endless benefits. Alleviating anxiety, easing stress and soothing poor sleep to name a few. Sometimes overlooked though is the extraordinary gift of exploring and experiencing yourself; as a human, and as the deepest layer of you.

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Sad rose - Mindful things to do after a breakup | Life in a Balance

How To Mindfully Deal With A Break-up

Goodbye’s can be flippin’ hard, fact.. But it doesn’t have to be all heartbreak. You can be alone. And you can be happy. So why have I decided to lay myself rather bare and vulnerable and write a blog post about my own breakup? Because I’m actually feeling rather proud of myself for actually following my own advice.

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